Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Disney Day and the Usual Stuff

Yesterday, all my friends dressed up for Disney Day, aka a day where you dress up as a disney character. Can you guess who I was? I bet not. I was the Cheshire Cat from Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. I had ordered my kitty ears and tail from Ms.Kitty's Closet, on Etsy.com. Let me tell you, it came in and it was purfect! My shirt was handpainted by me with housepaint; same with my pants. I had printed out a Cheshire Face out then cut around for just the smile and the nose. I even striped my hair with blue hairspray. I looked pretty darn good.

As you can see, I'm a big fan of Alice and Wonderland. I loved the story when I was little girl and I especially loved the remoake by Tim Burton. Burton can make anything just pain awesome. He is by far, my favorite Movie Director of all time. I was extremely excited because my friend, Alex, came as Jack sparrow. Me and him were going crazy with POTC lines during our lectures. We couldn't help it, you know? It was a great way to spend Monday though.

I was also excited because I finally sucked up my complaints of Kingdom Hearts and started it all over again. It's a little easier now due to the fact, my friend leveled me up to the end of the "Deep Jungle". I just can't seem to kill the stupid chameleon heartless. Lame. It seems like yesterday when I first got my KH2 game and finished it in almost 72 hours. It seems like I do that allot when it comes down to games. When I got MW3, I finished the game in a day. The storyline only, of course. I just can't seem to finish the original Kingdom Hearts! Maybe somethings wrong with me..

My friend, Poet, ordered a blog from me yesterday too. I spent a few minutes getting it set up with a header and it looks sort of good. I'm just going to plug in her Link Images on the siderbar, then it's all done! As for KU, We're looking for updaters who are willing to be active and collect all information and fill in stuff. If you're up for a job on the KU site visit: www.kingsisleuniverse.com/staff.
I'm really excited to show a sneak preview of the 2 sites I'm working on as of right now. I know my talents aren't that great, but they're good somewhat, maybe, Idunno.

Like them? I do. These are two sites I'm working on are for a novel and my friend's gift. Woot woot. Anyways! That's all from me today. Take care!

*Keep Dreaming*

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