Monday, September 24, 2012

F2D Is Back Up for Reading!

So, today, my friend Justin Shadowblade, has finally decided to carry on with the Frozen 2 Death Trilogy created by him and Destiny. F2D Trilogy is a Wizard101 fan based novel set about 2 young wizards, Destiny Soultamer and Justin Shadowblade going on in search of a way to save/ destroy their homelands. I'm proud to say I have been asked to do the F2D images for all novels and the new F2D website, which is expected to be up in a few weeks. Everyone knows, KU comes first. Justin, also, has let me on his Author staff to bring some new ideas for the second book, The Pyromancer's Revenge! I'll be adding exclusive images as the site becomes more together so stay tuned!

On another note, this weekend has been good for mje and my todo list. As all KU site members could see, the Wizard101 TOB has finally been finished and published! Woo. Now, we're slowly piecing together the packs section and world. My graphic site, the Imaginarium, has been having technical difficulties. Turns out I have to go in and redo ALL of the images. Bummer, man. I'll be sure to do that this weekend. Since today I'm rambling about websites, I'll guess I'll go ahead and mention this. Destiny Soultamer, a great friend of mine, has been a wonderful help to KU's progress. As a gift from me and Blaze S., we're making her a writing portfolio site, called the Soultamer Files. We hope to be able to finish it soon. It's coming out to look good so far. Knock on wood! Don''t wanna jinx myself.

In my roleplays this past weekend, I almooooost was able to post in my friend Dee's live chat rooms, in the RP Group: Asmodia. When I entered, it was live, but it died. I've been trying to be able to post in there since it started back up again. I really hope to use my Talun character soon in there. In my Spartacus roleplay, yeah I have one of those, we only have 1 member, besides Raf. I'm currently looking for anyone whose interested in being apart of it. Of course, you'd need to be a excellent T1-Rper and up for some dirty fighting. My Sanguis Coven is up to a semi-good start though. I have a few members, all active. My friend, Irial, has allowed my coven to lie in the regions of his own RP, known as the Vun'Kuddah Empire. It's pretty awesome being apart of a huge group like his. My Demora character, the Trainer and owner of the Coven, is stuck in a battle. I can't really move on until me and Kara white flags or one wins. She's a good fighter, which surprised me.

I'm sorry for the dead post over the weekend everyone! I got kinda preoccupied with graphics and something IRL had come up with my mom's "boyfriend". We had to take care of that before it got too out of hand. Thanks for listening!

*Keep Dreaming*

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