Saturday, September 22, 2012

My Little Bitty Blog Opens it's Presses!

Soooo. I started a new blog, can't you tell? I'm so excited. My friend, Blaze S., helped me all this morning getting most of it fixed up. It does look pretty cool so far. My post will be about a variety of things. I'll cover some cool life expirences, my Roleplays, my graphics, writings, Wizard101, Pirate101, IMVU moments, Guides, my web sites, my graphic shop, and so much more. Don't worry! Everything will be seemingly interesting. I'll try my best to spice everything up and keep you all updated. 

Blurb on your Author

Since you know  a little bit about the blog, let me give you some light about your author. I'm Ria L.A, just call me Ria though. I do not share many personal details about myself because it goes against my morals. If you need to know something about me, then just ask, but other than that I won't post my location, age, etc. There could be a creep out there, you know? I will tell you though, I am a inspiring writer, blah blah blah. I love doing graphics, as you could probably tell. I do own 3 websites. One of them is in secret until I fix it all up. I own a Graphic shop and I'm a fansite own for Wizard101 and Pirate101. Yeah, I'm lame like that. I'm a huge fan of T-1 roleplays. I'm always in a roleplay of some sorts and I currently own 2 roleplays, Coven of Sanguis and House of Cero. I like to read. News, books, magazines, it doesn't matter. I will go into the heated Presi debates when time comes. I get very political at times, so I'm sorry before hands. 

Adding on Games

Imvu- My username is Riddikulus. Please know that if you send me a message first, I'll be more likely to add than a Random friend request.

Wizard101&Pirate101- Ask for a TFC

xBox360- xXRiddikulusXx

Skype- theburnedpyromancer

My Websites

Wrapping it Up

Thanks for reading, if anyone read! I will post another post shortly after I finish all my pages and icons. Please visit my graphic shop if you like what you see here. Come back again!

Keep on Dreaming.

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