Wednesday, September 26, 2012

New Books!

My teacher, Ms.Cores showed my some really cool web designing books today from the Jostens year book. They really help you put with how to do page layouts and how to work around all the headers, images, yata, yata. I like it so far and I might use the layouts as a testing on some pages. As for my HTML solo training, I finally maged up to Chapter 2 of the current notes from the Dummies book. It's gonna be slow. It would be really nice to find someone who is able to test me. I'll probably ask my neighbor to write a test up, you know? Ya. Anyways, today, we're all dressed up in our "Studious attire" and it's a plast. All morning long, we listened to a lecture on " Roman" emperors, for like 4 hours? Interesting, but my attention span was short with the whole thing. I liked learning about Nero though. He's one crazy man.

Anyways, today I am going to get focused on KU's pack images. I've been procrastinating for weeks on getting these done. I promise! Today, I shall try to get all of the images completed for all packs and I guess work on the information. Also today, I gotta finish up watermarking my work for my Graphics site. It's almost finishede, just 2 more pages left. Yay. Poet's blog is working slightly well. I'm working on making a background as well as finish her picture links and pages. She's suppost to send me a about me.. Waiting, you know how that is.

That's about it for now.

*Keep on Dreaming*

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