Saturday, October 27, 2012

Blood Revenge: My NaNoWriMo Novel

Liviana was once a carefree spirit going through the teenager rebellion stage. Then, something changed, putting Livi in the shoes of power. Members of Ramona’s Sanguis Coven started to appear dead all around the city. Someone was hunting them. All eyes were turned to Deimos, Livi’s brother. He had held a grudge over Livi ever since Aria had died. It wasn’t her fault, but he always believed it was. After years of the two Covens living in a mutual agreement, Deimos vowed to annihilate the Sanguis Coven. Sibling revenge wasn’t the only thing he was after though. Deimos had a vision to clean the supernatural world of the “Vegans”, aka the creatures that are supposed to be malignant, but chose to be beneficial towards mankind. Livi is faced with many great threats as she races to prevent her brother’s sinister plot to unfold. On her journey, she meets Jekla, a Undead Perfection, Warren, a Dream Walker, Noel, the Tundra Demon, Kat, a Innocence, and Pippa, the Coven’s Banshee. Each of them, besides Kat, work together to help Livi overcome everything that will forever intertwine them in a bond of Friendship. They’re young, however. The people of the SC don’t believe that this “kids” can stop an Original Demon, one of the 13 fallen angels. Livi doesn’t even know how to defeat her brother. With only a few months to prepare along with School classes, Livi has to set out looking for items that may or may not help. There are very few hints to how; theres very little time to do. Sacrifices, Personal Vendettas, Streets bleeding red, even the Devil wedges himself into the Wars. What will the Humans think? Will the Demons be able to keep their identity secret? Will Deimos win? What will be lost in the end?

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Paranormal Activity Madness

*Be Aware of Spoilers* 
Scary? Nah. It was more repetitive than the last 3, plus the ending was kinda like the Third ending. You know, all those demon ladies. The guy we were with pretty much was the loudest screamer.
I was hoping her boyfriend wouldn't die. -.- He died. Sad. She cracked his neck. Likkke crrraaack. Yuck. PA is good with making the bone snapping sounds. And don't get me started on the Demon ladies. I ran out of the theater, tears in eyes and a inhaler in my mouth. I was pretty much hyperventilating. The beginning was boring, but the ending.. Dear Lord. Kaitlyn came back all psycho.

I spent the past dayish rewatching the old PA movies. I still don't like them. But hey, October is a good time to bring out all the cheesy horror films. That's why I'm seeing Sinister and Silent Hill 2 this weekend. This is probably unhealthy.

*Keep on Dreaming!*

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Writing Scheme Take 3: A NANOWRIMO Project

Notebook, Pen, Write!

Exposition: A Oracle, Lady of Blue who lives on the 1st floor, stops Livi before she goes to a Dinner Party. She tells Livi of a thirst of revenge by one's own blood. Livi ignores her, thinking it was meant for someone else. Then Livi sees the Raven. The bird had followed her around in her dreams and was now in her reality.

Rising Action Part 1: Jekla is roaming the streets. It had only been a few months after running from the Creator. Livi found her. There was a instant connection. Deimos sends Kat to carry out a warning. Kat kills the Raven, cutting off his head and rubs his blood over the .door. Jekla finds the dead bird, feeling sad from it's horrible ending, she wants to bury it. She wasn't wearing her gloves, so the Raven awoke, but not in animal form; he was a human(sideplot). Soon members of the Apartment appear up dead with symbols on their bodies. The symbols are of the local gang called, "Blood Trinity". The gang is ran by Deimos. Humans start to get weary, wanting a explanation. The police call it as "Gang Wars". Livi retaliates after having a meeting with the Coven's members. Noel and Warren pressure Livi into a attack on Deimos's gang(sideplot).

Wow. Reading over this, I kinda like it so far. Tomorrow, I'm hoping to finish my Falling action and resolution in my journal an start my sideplots and Chara bios. Pluuus. It's research time. Good. Old. Researching.

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Pirate101 Goes Live!

Yoho Yoho, a Pirate's life for me. Pirate101 went live sometime last week. Pirate101 is the brand new game by Kingsisle, the creators of Wizard101. I still love Wizards, but Pirates have always been my weakness. With Pirate101, you can make a character, create a flag that's unique, and conquer all the skyways imaginable. 

Pirate101 has 5 classes: Swashbuckler, Privateer, Buccaneer, Witch Doctor, and Musketeer.


Even though the game was just released, KI has released some pretty awesome Bundles so far!

This Bundle is available at GameStop!

This Bundle is available at Walmart!

That's all the scoop on P101. I don't wanna give to much away. I also bought my Wizard101 sub back today. Turns out I have to collect all of KU's info solo. Sigh.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Weekend full of Awesomeness

   I'm Back after a bucket load of surprises over the weekend. Saturday morning my grandma and I went to go visit some Old Family friends. They live all the way in the cold mountains of Georger, as Medea says. The drive was pretty nice. People just walked about the streets. The crips mountain air cleaned our rambling heads. And the scenery  it's so beautiful. Our goal was to purchase a perfect carving pumpkin at the pumpkin patches on the way up. We didn't find any we liked and soon enough we were at Cindy's little shop. It was full of bright painted metal animals, chairs, and pumpkins. So. Many. Pumpkins. When we entered, Mr. Tim was  actually talking about us we I entered. It totally shocked him and Mrs. Cindy. We all got caught up until Mr.Tim called Cam up and told him we were visiting.
   Turns out, Cam went speeding down the hill to come see us. I was picking out a pumpkin as my Halloween gift when he arrived. I found the perfect pumpkin for carving. When I went to go show Mr. Tim which one I wanted, Cam popped out to hug me. I've always been his shorty... You know, because he towers over me. Cam and I have known eachother since I was just a little bitty thing. You could say he was my first "older" man crush. Growing up I'd always tease Cam's girlfriend. He finally broke up with her when I shot a firecracker at her, but now he's back with her.. Dun Dun Dun. Ria's not so happy. We had a good time together, aside from his constant tickling me, and we made plans for us to get together in a few weeks.

That night I spent a night over at my neighbor's house. We played Slenderman for about half the night. Let me tell you that I about cried. Wait, I did cry. Slender stood right there. No warnings. No beatings of drums. Nothing. I jumped and ran all the way down the hall out of fear. After that, we stayed up to watch Daddy's little girl.. Terrible "scary" movie. Completely sucked. I fell asleep halfway into it. Poet's dad came home that morning from a week in Canada. So he treated us to On the Border. WOOOOOO. Gimme those Strawberry Daqueris. With a belly full of Steak Quesodillas, Jr gave me my birthday gift. The Keyblade I've been wanting for years.

Sorry for such a late post. More to come.
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Friday, October 12, 2012

Newspaper Frustrations and Debate

Like seriously! This is probably the most frustrating problem I've had with newspaper for the school. People didn't know how to package the final copy of our first Edition. I, being the In design Guru, had to go in and fix everything. It was entertaining the first few 10 images, but after 50 of them? Nooo way, Jose.  The Newspaper is now being printed after 3 days of me fixing it up. I think It will come out nicely. I'll take a picture when it's printed!

Since our next edition comes out the week before Finals, we've already started to plan our stories. I'm doing sidebars and a short article on MC Fall sports recap. Sad thing is I haven't been to any game, except for one football game. Cooper says it should be pretty easy. I just
hope it is. I'm just not one to get into School Sports. 
Next thing to talk about is the debates. Now, I know some people truly don't care. I am one that does care. I am neither Democratic or Republican. I just get rared up watching these things. First off, what was so funny? I mean, literally... Biden kept smirking and laughing. We get that your older, but you don't have to be arrogant about it. I really didn't like how Biden kept running Ryan over in time. They both seemed to have facts. And I do agree with a radio-show guy, I believe Borts but I may be wrong, had said. The Media hasn't been doing their job on both candidates  They've been digging up dirt on Mitt Romney and Paul, yet they haven't touched Obama. I guess this is the way our country has become. If Media favors Obama, we favor Obama. 

Don't take me wrong, there's things I like in Democrats and things I like in Republicans. This electron seems to be like picking the lesser of two evils. I will say this. I am for Romney. ONLY because Obama has changed anything like he promised 4 years ago. If Obama gets reelected another 4 years, what is he going to do? Just be lazier? Yes, he was in office when Osama got killed. He didn't do the killing, nor found the operation. Our economy is still in a free fall, while Obama has gone on Golf Tournaments and vacations. And please don't forget the fact he wants Romney to show his taxes. Why won't Obama show his? I disagree with Romney with abortions and gays. All that stuff they disagree with like that. 

With this, I guess I'm upset with whose running. Obama messed up in his debate and last nights debate with the Vice Presidents was just.. Ryan was great, but Biden needs to get over the fact he's Older so he knows more.

Please keep in mind what is said here is MY opinion. It's my blog. You have yours, I have mine. So please don't go hate posting.
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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Writing Scheme Take 2:A NANOWRIMO Project

Notebook, Pen, Write!

Main Characters: 

More into Katherine Rathbone(Info changed): The Devil would use her as a source of Corruption; a soul has to be corrupt to be taken by the Devil. She was responsible for serving the souls to the Devil in a silver charger. This was, also, her source of nutrition. The Curse or price was for her eternal youth, but since Kat was already a dark being as a human, she enjoyed her price. She enjoyed looking into the faces of the Humans as evil seeps into their blood, rotting their minds. Therefore, the price defeats the purpose. This is the reason she was given to Deimos.

Side Characters:

Noel Volk(Will be revisited in depth later)- He is the one heir to the Demon of the Taiga. Noel has very little said about his past, only that at a young age he was found in the snow of Siberia. His mother was said to be killed by his father after Noel was born because she was Human and he couldn't have a Mortal going about telling everyone; it would ruin the "legend".  Noel's Father was a creature that served a Goddess named Skaoi, the Goddess of Winter(Norse). The Demons of the Taiga are strongly connected to a crystal forced of the "Black Snow", the opposite of Hellfire in it's cold nature. Each Demon is given one at birth, but since Noel was a Hybrid, his father never gave him his. (Description of what the crystal does later) Year later, Noel stumbles upon Livi at a 1922 Cocktail Party when Livi and him got in a pit of a dispute. Ever since then, Noel has been by her side. He does love her; he has loved her, though he just now realizes his true feeling.

Waren(Last name to come)- A raven at first; he is the Guardian to Jekla, or at least he thinks he is. He has messy, onyx locks that hangs in his eyes, which are the color of dark chocolate. Waren is known to most as a shape shifter, though to young to have more then one form. His parents had always been there in his life and they played an important role. They taught him much of his history. When he was about 18, he was walking the streets of Miami and watched a gruesome site. A young girl, with gorgeous, blonde ringlets and sea blue eyes was being beaten. She had looked lost and confused. The men showed know sympathy as they defiled her innocence. He couldn't do much of anything. He wanted to rip their throats out, pour their corrected blood all over the city's streets. But, Waren was helpless and watched with a look of horror. After the wicked deed was done, then men would leave her lifeless, bloody body in the blood pool. Waren walked over to her, shaking, and bent down to caress her cold cheek. He had fallen in love with a dead girl. Footsteps of heavy boots hit the road, making their way to the alley. Waren didn't know what to do. So, he did the only thing he could and turned into his only form he knew, a raven. A little black feather fell onto the girl's chest, near her heart, as he'd fly to the roof. After that night, he'd follow her, rarely ever changing back. 

Stay Tuned for Deimos, Lady of Blue, and a few more Side characters.
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Headstart Starts!

Headstart for Pirate101 started yesterday. Sadly, my information kind of got a bit misinformed. To play in Headstart you must have been in Beta, purchased a membership, or have received  a prepaid card. I got to participate because I was in Beta, though, I'm still upset. I really don't like having to redo ALL that I've done. Pirate101 is extremely mind-numbing after awhile.

I'm happy to say I did buy memberships for both Pirate101 and Wizard101 again. Everyone should know if you get memberships, they take 3 dollars off for both games. I'll start getting a move on with my game travels on here. Victoria Drake has to finish up Avalon. Woot Woot, gonna be some fun post for Wizard101. I believe I have my Balance character in DS, my life in MB, and death, storm, and Ice in WC. I'm hoping to get those up to Krok.

My Pirate101 character, Victoria Xavier, is still level 1. She's a buccaneer and well, I haven't actually started playing.  I guess I'm procrastinating because during Beta I was a level 26.

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Monday, October 8, 2012

Writing Scheme Take 1:A NANOWRIMO Project

Notebook, Pen, Write! 

Setting: Mordern Day New York, Downtown Manhattan. The Sanguis Coven lies on the East half while  Her brother's  "Pleasure" Club is on the opposite side of town, in the West. The Coven is a Apartment complex. Sadly, I haven't come up with the names.

Main Characters
Liviana De'Lacy- An ex-angel, she fell with her brother, and sister. She is now known as the Demon of Envy. Known as the weakest among her siblings, Livi's views are moral to humans. When she fell, it was because she was jealous of a mortal girl's looks. She snuck out of the gates to kill her,  which she succeeded, but when coming back, she was punished. It turned out her older sibling, Aria, the Angel of Song, didn't want the youngster to fall without guidance. With many pleads to the Almighty, it was allowed for Aria to join Liviana. Livi was raised with Aria until their brother Deimos joined them. Livi started to grow a respect, liking more so, to the mortals of Earth. This was a down right disgrace to Deimos. It was horrid that his little sister, a Demon, would even think such kind thoughts. Maybe that is what broke the trio apart, that and the death of Aria(will get into in her bio). Deimos and Livi would have a huge fight. A thorn stuck in their views of each other. Livi never aged. Centuries passed and Livi stayed the same pale girl with flowing ebony locks and  cloudy eyes. She couldn't stay in a place for to long. People would notice. Yet, for some reason, Livi had fallen in love in the bright lights of the popular city of New York. There she made her home in the 1920's. It was at it's prime and so was Livi. Her fortunes brought her to become the owner of the famous  ________ Apartment Complex in East Side Manhattan on Chelsea Avenue. The Apartment though isn't for the living. It's a safety net for all the dark creatures of the night. At least the ones that disagree on killing Mortals for pleasure.

Jekla- A creature of Perfection. A mad-man of the late 2010 era had found the young beauty as a mangled corpse. When he found her, he noted of her quality. She had the gorgeous blonde hair that curled into ringlets, skin like a porcelain dolls, and eyes of azure, though the color was now fading into the Postmortem effect. The dead-girl would be the first successful experiment he had. The creator made her heart to beat again and gave her lungs breaths. She was perfect. A girl to his own pleasure. He would call her Jekla. And Jekla would be his dolly. He had made her to now have wide hips and supple breast that could fit in his large palms. Though, the Creator hadn't thought of one thing. Free will. That would be Jekla's flaw. After being used for his pleasures a first few times, Jekla out of a lash of anger, would strike him down with one of the wooden Posters that held his bed. She would regret this action. For the first few years, Jekla had to get accustomed  to Human life, again. Bits and pieces of her old life started to form in her brain, though emotions were still bare. Jekla knew of bitterness, remorse, but happiness was yet to come. There was another thing new to her. Because of her nature of being  in both the world of the living and the world of the dead, she had acquired a sixth sense. The sixth sense was of course, the ability to talk to all things dead. That could be plants, animals, humans, and even insects. It was creepy to Jekla, scary even. She found out that if she wore gloves that communications with the deceased would stop. The leather gloves of hers became her signature accessory. Since she died as a Teen, barely over the age of 16, her mind frame was still as a teenager. Was this the reason Liviana took the youngling in to the apartments? Liviana had spied the girl walking up and down Chelsea, clearly lost. Jekla wasn't from New York, hell she wasn't from the North. Liviana gave Jekla a key to the Apartment on the 6 floor, known as 6M. 

Katherine Rathbone- Kat.. Kitty Kat. A demon of pure hate. She is one known as a "Innocent". A demon breed that died out a long long time ago. The girl was made by Diablos, of as we know it, the Devil, himself. She wanted to live forever. That was her dream, to be forever beautiful. Katherine was the most Envied girl in all of 19th Century. She had become obsessed with the thoughts of immortality, of eternal youth. A old woman, feared by many, told Kat the powers of summoning. Kat would devote all her time into summoning a demon so strong to give her wish. When the Devil came to her, she pleaded with him. Everyone knows never to converse with the Devil. Unless, you are willing to pay. Kat's price would be servitude. He'd use her to kill the humans he needed to just.. get rid of. She was a soul-eater, a grim reaper of sorts. Men and women fell under the spell of Kat. She was pure, child-like, the meaning of the Demon's name. This allowed her to maneuver past Humans with no suspicion. Soon though, the Devil found he had no more need for her. Soul stealing could be easily down by new gadgets made. He didn't take away her youth though. He simply gave her to one of his faithful children, named Deimos, aka Liviana's brother. Kat was to serve him and all his needs, which is what she did. Kat grew attached to Deimos. His wants and pleasures were carried out by her. She was his bitch. They delved with evil plans of murder. The couple was perfect together. 

I'll have the Side Character Post made tomorrow! 
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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Ghostacular Contests

It's October, well the 7th, and I've decided to bring  my viewers a taste of the Halloween Spirit! This month you'll see a series of Contests with some awesome prizes. I know allot of  blogs are getting into the spirit of contest and I want to as well. All month long, there will be contest contest contest. I hope some of you get involved for them.
Please keep Entires limited by 1 per person!

The Ghoulest Outfit
October 7th- October 19

Objective: Draw, create, or make a outfit online perfect for Halloween. Explain the reasoning to it and why you think it is the Ghoulest Outfit for the Halloween Night. Please make sure all outfits made are appropriate.

Wizard101 1st Place: A Mount(Perm.)
Wizard101 2nd Place: 2 Hoards of choice

Imvu 1st Place: 10k
Imvu 2nd Place: 5k

Or! You may select a prize as something graphically made.
Please Email your submissions at with the title of "Ghoulest Contest"

Thank you and stay tuned for a few more Contest coming thing month.

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Pirate101 Beta is Over!

Oh no! I really will miss it on Sunday. It's official. Pirate101 Closed Beta is now close, shut down, gone, so that on Monday they'll have the head start to open live. I know I can't wait. I loved playing Beta, even though the bugs were somewhat ridiculous. I remember at the start fighting Gortez and he had like 40 monkey minions. Gosh. It was a pain to kill, but we killed them! BUT- I will be going Pirate101 crazy once it goes live. I'll probably be a buccaneer again, Idunno. I loved all the classes. 

Hey Beta members! You hear? We got a eye patch! Yeaaah, wait no... I can honestly say I was kinda expecting something a little bit more.. cooler? I mean I'm grateful, at least we got SOMETHING. It just seems like they had it amped up so much, like we were going to get something big... I do like it. I like the star symbol too. It's piraty, but what about a pet? Eh, it's probably just me.

Pioneer Eyepatch Details

Equips to the Token outfit slot.

Has a card of the Rouse healing power!

Has no level restriction.

Is classified as a No Trash, No Sell, and No Auction item so you’ll never accidentally delete it, and it is tradable between your characters through the Shared Bank.

The star symbol on the patch will never be replicated on any other eyepatch in game—ever—and will let everyone know you played in Beta.

*All Details belong to

Beta Members should note that you HAD to have logged in at least once during the game. Your beta invitation will not give you this if you never used it.

"We’re thanking our Pirate101 Beta players with a special gift that not only screams, “I’M A PIRATE,” but also shows you’re one of our rock stars! It’s the Pioneer’s Eyepatch!"-Kingsisle

I can't wait to see you guys on Live!

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Happy Birthday To Me

Happy Birthday to Me. Happy Birthday to meeeee. Happy Birthday to Me. Yay! It's October 7th. I'm so happy. My friend's mom made me cupcakes for my birthday. They're my favorite colors. :3 with sprinkles and choco chips! WOOOOO! Yeah, just felt like posting this at 12:35 in the morning. I'm all hyped up a sugar right now and kinda scared to go to bed. We played Slender Man at my friend's house. As everyone knows, I HATE scary stuff.. That was scary. So, me sleeping is a no no. Sadness.
I also forgot about the new edition to the family. My first dog, Watson, got a little brother a few days ago. Can anyone guess his name? It's Sherlock. Watson doesn't like the fluffball yet, but we're hoping that will change soon. Sherlock's incredibly hyper though. He wakes us up at about 2 every morning with yappys. Yap Yap Yap. It's insane. That's all for right now. I'mma go watch some more Futurama.

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Saturday, October 6, 2012


My friend, Des, has been participating in getting ready for the National Novel Writing Month. The goal is to have 50k words, a novel, in one month time period. Well, It's time for me to saddle up, because I've join the contest as well. Good thing is, I have some time to pull off a good plot, though I'm still thinking of what it should be. Plots are extremely hard, I come up with one, then I change my mind. 

Thankfully, I've come up with a synopsis of what I want to write about. I'm tired of all those school vampires, zombies stuff, so I wanna write about a coven settled in modern day New York. This will be slightly hard. I want to base the novel around three main characters, each having something unique about them that ties them together. Plus, the Coven is owned by the first main character, Liviana. 

I was thinking about going on the NYC night time theme, when everything comes to life. Livi owns one strip of a prime property of the New York strip, while her brother owns another one on the exact opposite side of town. They're both part of that elite group of Yorkers. The two siblings are going at it, a sort of sibling rivalry because her brother wants to finish unsolved business. The humans are classifying the series of murders as "Gang wars". They're completely clueless of the underground city beneath them.

It might not work, it might work. Who knows? Now I just gotta go read up on things, take notes, and write the plot out more. My friend Des liked it, and she's helping me with side plots. I'll be sure to update you on the characters and everything. You can check out this project under the Project button under more or other. I forgot which one O_O.

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Order Up!

Justin Shadowblade, my first blog order, was finished a day ago. That's the reason I've been busy for the past weekend and dry with all my post. Maybe I'm a little too excited for it to be done, but I really just wanna pat myself on the back. This was one of those successful attempts at a blog. He hasn't fixed his fonts which I'm really hoping he does so it looks all awesomesauce.

A Little In-Depth on the Order:
First I did the header. Justin was like all he did not know what he wanted. So I offered to make it like his previous signature I made for him since he loved the design on it. 
Next was he blog image links, navigation tools. This was a bit harder. It had to match the header in some way, which it kind of does.
This is all 3 of the tools put together.
Then finally, his background! We went through so MANY tries on this. Blogger just would not load it, so I had to compress compress compress.

It was pretty cool having my first website order. Turns out, the other order I had gotten from a close friend is now complete to. Poet had a girlish one, fun to work with. She was pretty much like, "There better be Selena Gomez on there." Yeah, she was gonna kill me if I didn't.

Turns out, is still acting up though. My shop is having issues along with KU. It's kinda annoying because it seems like we're going to have to go and readd every single picture. This process will take a few days, maybe weeks. This puts back our final date to finish the Wizard101 pack section. I'm really sorry to all KU members, or KUites as Des says.

I'll be back on later today, so stay tuned. Until then!
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