Saturday, October 27, 2012

Blood Revenge: My NaNoWriMo Novel

Liviana was once a carefree spirit going through the teenager rebellion stage. Then, something changed, putting Livi in the shoes of power. Members of Ramona’s Sanguis Coven started to appear dead all around the city. Someone was hunting them. All eyes were turned to Deimos, Livi’s brother. He had held a grudge over Livi ever since Aria had died. It wasn’t her fault, but he always believed it was. After years of the two Covens living in a mutual agreement, Deimos vowed to annihilate the Sanguis Coven. Sibling revenge wasn’t the only thing he was after though. Deimos had a vision to clean the supernatural world of the “Vegans”, aka the creatures that are supposed to be malignant, but chose to be beneficial towards mankind. Livi is faced with many great threats as she races to prevent her brother’s sinister plot to unfold. On her journey, she meets Jekla, a Undead Perfection, Warren, a Dream Walker, Noel, the Tundra Demon, Kat, a Innocence, and Pippa, the Coven’s Banshee. Each of them, besides Kat, work together to help Livi overcome everything that will forever intertwine them in a bond of Friendship. They’re young, however. The people of the SC don’t believe that this “kids” can stop an Original Demon, one of the 13 fallen angels. Livi doesn’t even know how to defeat her brother. With only a few months to prepare along with School classes, Livi has to set out looking for items that may or may not help. There are very few hints to how; theres very little time to do. Sacrifices, Personal Vendettas, Streets bleeding red, even the Devil wedges himself into the Wars. What will the Humans think? Will the Demons be able to keep their identity secret? Will Deimos win? What will be lost in the end?

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