Sunday, October 7, 2012

Ghostacular Contests

It's October, well the 7th, and I've decided to bring  my viewers a taste of the Halloween Spirit! This month you'll see a series of Contests with some awesome prizes. I know allot of  blogs are getting into the spirit of contest and I want to as well. All month long, there will be contest contest contest. I hope some of you get involved for them.
Please keep Entires limited by 1 per person!

The Ghoulest Outfit
October 7th- October 19

Objective: Draw, create, or make a outfit online perfect for Halloween. Explain the reasoning to it and why you think it is the Ghoulest Outfit for the Halloween Night. Please make sure all outfits made are appropriate.

Wizard101 1st Place: A Mount(Perm.)
Wizard101 2nd Place: 2 Hoards of choice

Imvu 1st Place: 10k
Imvu 2nd Place: 5k

Or! You may select a prize as something graphically made.
Please Email your submissions at with the title of "Ghoulest Contest"

Thank you and stay tuned for a few more Contest coming thing month.

*Keep On Dreaming*

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