Sunday, October 7, 2012

Happy Birthday To Me

Happy Birthday to Me. Happy Birthday to meeeee. Happy Birthday to Me. Yay! It's October 7th. I'm so happy. My friend's mom made me cupcakes for my birthday. They're my favorite colors. :3 with sprinkles and choco chips! WOOOOO! Yeah, just felt like posting this at 12:35 in the morning. I'm all hyped up a sugar right now and kinda scared to go to bed. We played Slender Man at my friend's house. As everyone knows, I HATE scary stuff.. That was scary. So, me sleeping is a no no. Sadness.
I also forgot about the new edition to the family. My first dog, Watson, got a little brother a few days ago. Can anyone guess his name? It's Sherlock. Watson doesn't like the fluffball yet, but we're hoping that will change soon. Sherlock's incredibly hyper though. He wakes us up at about 2 every morning with yappys. Yap Yap Yap. It's insane. That's all for right now. I'mma go watch some more Futurama.

*Keep On Dreaming*

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