Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Headstart Starts!

Headstart for Pirate101 started yesterday. Sadly, my information kind of got a bit misinformed. To play in Headstart you must have been in Beta, purchased a membership, or have received  a prepaid card. I got to participate because I was in Beta, though, I'm still upset. I really don't like having to redo ALL that I've done. Pirate101 is extremely mind-numbing after awhile.

I'm happy to say I did buy memberships for both Pirate101 and Wizard101 again. Everyone should know if you get memberships, they take 3 dollars off for both games. I'll start getting a move on with my game travels on here. Victoria Drake has to finish up Avalon. Woot Woot, gonna be some fun post for Wizard101. I believe I have my Balance character in DS, my life in MB, and death, storm, and Ice in WC. I'm hoping to get those up to Krok.

My Pirate101 character, Victoria Xavier, is still level 1. She's a buccaneer and well, I haven't actually started playing.  I guess I'm procrastinating because during Beta I was a level 26.

*Keep on Dreaming*

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