Friday, October 12, 2012

Newspaper Frustrations and Debate

Like seriously! This is probably the most frustrating problem I've had with newspaper for the school. People didn't know how to package the final copy of our first Edition. I, being the In design Guru, had to go in and fix everything. It was entertaining the first few 10 images, but after 50 of them? Nooo way, Jose.  The Newspaper is now being printed after 3 days of me fixing it up. I think It will come out nicely. I'll take a picture when it's printed!

Since our next edition comes out the week before Finals, we've already started to plan our stories. I'm doing sidebars and a short article on MC Fall sports recap. Sad thing is I haven't been to any game, except for one football game. Cooper says it should be pretty easy. I just
hope it is. I'm just not one to get into School Sports. 
Next thing to talk about is the debates. Now, I know some people truly don't care. I am one that does care. I am neither Democratic or Republican. I just get rared up watching these things. First off, what was so funny? I mean, literally... Biden kept smirking and laughing. We get that your older, but you don't have to be arrogant about it. I really didn't like how Biden kept running Ryan over in time. They both seemed to have facts. And I do agree with a radio-show guy, I believe Borts but I may be wrong, had said. The Media hasn't been doing their job on both candidates  They've been digging up dirt on Mitt Romney and Paul, yet they haven't touched Obama. I guess this is the way our country has become. If Media favors Obama, we favor Obama. 

Don't take me wrong, there's things I like in Democrats and things I like in Republicans. This electron seems to be like picking the lesser of two evils. I will say this. I am for Romney. ONLY because Obama has changed anything like he promised 4 years ago. If Obama gets reelected another 4 years, what is he going to do? Just be lazier? Yes, he was in office when Osama got killed. He didn't do the killing, nor found the operation. Our economy is still in a free fall, while Obama has gone on Golf Tournaments and vacations. And please don't forget the fact he wants Romney to show his taxes. Why won't Obama show his? I disagree with Romney with abortions and gays. All that stuff they disagree with like that. 

With this, I guess I'm upset with whose running. Obama messed up in his debate and last nights debate with the Vice Presidents was just.. Ryan was great, but Biden needs to get over the fact he's Older so he knows more.

Please keep in mind what is said here is MY opinion. It's my blog. You have yours, I have mine. So please don't go hate posting.
*Keep On Dreaming*

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