Saturday, October 6, 2012

Order Up!

Justin Shadowblade, my first blog order, was finished a day ago. That's the reason I've been busy for the past weekend and dry with all my post. Maybe I'm a little too excited for it to be done, but I really just wanna pat myself on the back. This was one of those successful attempts at a blog. He hasn't fixed his fonts which I'm really hoping he does so it looks all awesomesauce.

A Little In-Depth on the Order:
First I did the header. Justin was like all he did not know what he wanted. So I offered to make it like his previous signature I made for him since he loved the design on it. 
Next was he blog image links, navigation tools. This was a bit harder. It had to match the header in some way, which it kind of does.
This is all 3 of the tools put together.
Then finally, his background! We went through so MANY tries on this. Blogger just would not load it, so I had to compress compress compress.

It was pretty cool having my first website order. Turns out, the other order I had gotten from a close friend is now complete to. Poet had a girlish one, fun to work with. She was pretty much like, "There better be Selena Gomez on there." Yeah, she was gonna kill me if I didn't.

Turns out, is still acting up though. My shop is having issues along with KU. It's kinda annoying because it seems like we're going to have to go and readd every single picture. This process will take a few days, maybe weeks. This puts back our final date to finish the Wizard101 pack section. I'm really sorry to all KU members, or KUites as Des says.

I'll be back on later today, so stay tuned. Until then!
*Keep On Dreaming*

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