Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Paranormal Activity Madness

*Be Aware of Spoilers* 
Scary? Nah. It was more repetitive than the last 3, plus the ending was kinda like the Third ending. You know, all those demon ladies. The guy we were with pretty much was the loudest screamer.
I was hoping her boyfriend wouldn't die. -.- He died. Sad. She cracked his neck. Likkke crrraaack. Yuck. PA is good with making the bone snapping sounds. And don't get me started on the Demon ladies. I ran out of the theater, tears in eyes and a inhaler in my mouth. I was pretty much hyperventilating. The beginning was boring, but the ending.. Dear Lord. Kaitlyn came back all psycho.

I spent the past dayish rewatching the old PA movies. I still don't like them. But hey, October is a good time to bring out all the cheesy horror films. That's why I'm seeing Sinister and Silent Hill 2 this weekend. This is probably unhealthy.

*Keep on Dreaming!*


  1. October is definitely good for the cheesy horror flicks! I wasn't too impressed watching the PA movies either. I can get the same kind of thing watching Ghost Hunters or one of those shows.

    Popped over here from Yadin's blog to say hi!

    1. Hey! Thanks for popping in. I'm inlove with Ghost Adventures in stuff like that.. But yeah. I made October my month to see those movies. I just watched Sinister last night. It was extremely creepy.


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