Sunday, October 7, 2012

Pirate101 Beta is Over!

Oh no! I really will miss it on Sunday. It's official. Pirate101 Closed Beta is now close, shut down, gone, so that on Monday they'll have the head start to open live. I know I can't wait. I loved playing Beta, even though the bugs were somewhat ridiculous. I remember at the start fighting Gortez and he had like 40 monkey minions. Gosh. It was a pain to kill, but we killed them! BUT- I will be going Pirate101 crazy once it goes live. I'll probably be a buccaneer again, Idunno. I loved all the classes. 

Hey Beta members! You hear? We got a eye patch! Yeaaah, wait no... I can honestly say I was kinda expecting something a little bit more.. cooler? I mean I'm grateful, at least we got SOMETHING. It just seems like they had it amped up so much, like we were going to get something big... I do like it. I like the star symbol too. It's piraty, but what about a pet? Eh, it's probably just me.

Pioneer Eyepatch Details

Equips to the Token outfit slot.

Has a card of the Rouse healing power!

Has no level restriction.

Is classified as a No Trash, No Sell, and No Auction item so you’ll never accidentally delete it, and it is tradable between your characters through the Shared Bank.

The star symbol on the patch will never be replicated on any other eyepatch in game—ever—and will let everyone know you played in Beta.

*All Details belong to

Beta Members should note that you HAD to have logged in at least once during the game. Your beta invitation will not give you this if you never used it.

"We’re thanking our Pirate101 Beta players with a special gift that not only screams, “I’M A PIRATE,” but also shows you’re one of our rock stars! It’s the Pioneer’s Eyepatch!"-Kingsisle

I can't wait to see you guys on Live!

*Keep On Dreaming*

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