Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Weekend full of Awesomeness

   I'm Back after a bucket load of surprises over the weekend. Saturday morning my grandma and I went to go visit some Old Family friends. They live all the way in the cold mountains of Georger, as Medea says. The drive was pretty nice. People just walked about the streets. The crips mountain air cleaned our rambling heads. And the scenery  it's so beautiful. Our goal was to purchase a perfect carving pumpkin at the pumpkin patches on the way up. We didn't find any we liked and soon enough we were at Cindy's little shop. It was full of bright painted metal animals, chairs, and pumpkins. So. Many. Pumpkins. When we entered, Mr. Tim was  actually talking about us we I entered. It totally shocked him and Mrs. Cindy. We all got caught up until Mr.Tim called Cam up and told him we were visiting.
   Turns out, Cam went speeding down the hill to come see us. I was picking out a pumpkin as my Halloween gift when he arrived. I found the perfect pumpkin for carving. When I went to go show Mr. Tim which one I wanted, Cam popped out to hug me. I've always been his shorty... You know, because he towers over me. Cam and I have known eachother since I was just a little bitty thing. You could say he was my first "older" man crush. Growing up I'd always tease Cam's girlfriend. He finally broke up with her when I shot a firecracker at her, but now he's back with her.. Dun Dun Dun. Ria's not so happy. We had a good time together, aside from his constant tickling me, and we made plans for us to get together in a few weeks.

That night I spent a night over at my neighbor's house. We played Slenderman for about half the night. Let me tell you that I about cried. Wait, I did cry. Slender stood right there. No warnings. No beatings of drums. Nothing. I jumped and ran all the way down the hall out of fear. After that, we stayed up to watch Daddy's little girl.. Terrible "scary" movie. Completely sucked. I fell asleep halfway into it. Poet's dad came home that morning from a week in Canada. So he treated us to On the Border. WOOOOOO. Gimme those Strawberry Daqueris. With a belly full of Steak Quesodillas, Jr gave me my birthday gift. The Keyblade I've been wanting for years.

Sorry for such a late post. More to come.
*Keep On Dreaming*

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