Monday, October 8, 2012

Writing Scheme Take 1:A NANOWRIMO Project

Notebook, Pen, Write! 

Setting: Mordern Day New York, Downtown Manhattan. The Sanguis Coven lies on the East half while  Her brother's  "Pleasure" Club is on the opposite side of town, in the West. The Coven is a Apartment complex. Sadly, I haven't come up with the names.

Main Characters
Liviana De'Lacy- An ex-angel, she fell with her brother, and sister. She is now known as the Demon of Envy. Known as the weakest among her siblings, Livi's views are moral to humans. When she fell, it was because she was jealous of a mortal girl's looks. She snuck out of the gates to kill her,  which she succeeded, but when coming back, she was punished. It turned out her older sibling, Aria, the Angel of Song, didn't want the youngster to fall without guidance. With many pleads to the Almighty, it was allowed for Aria to join Liviana. Livi was raised with Aria until their brother Deimos joined them. Livi started to grow a respect, liking more so, to the mortals of Earth. This was a down right disgrace to Deimos. It was horrid that his little sister, a Demon, would even think such kind thoughts. Maybe that is what broke the trio apart, that and the death of Aria(will get into in her bio). Deimos and Livi would have a huge fight. A thorn stuck in their views of each other. Livi never aged. Centuries passed and Livi stayed the same pale girl with flowing ebony locks and  cloudy eyes. She couldn't stay in a place for to long. People would notice. Yet, for some reason, Livi had fallen in love in the bright lights of the popular city of New York. There she made her home in the 1920's. It was at it's prime and so was Livi. Her fortunes brought her to become the owner of the famous  ________ Apartment Complex in East Side Manhattan on Chelsea Avenue. The Apartment though isn't for the living. It's a safety net for all the dark creatures of the night. At least the ones that disagree on killing Mortals for pleasure.

Jekla- A creature of Perfection. A mad-man of the late 2010 era had found the young beauty as a mangled corpse. When he found her, he noted of her quality. She had the gorgeous blonde hair that curled into ringlets, skin like a porcelain dolls, and eyes of azure, though the color was now fading into the Postmortem effect. The dead-girl would be the first successful experiment he had. The creator made her heart to beat again and gave her lungs breaths. She was perfect. A girl to his own pleasure. He would call her Jekla. And Jekla would be his dolly. He had made her to now have wide hips and supple breast that could fit in his large palms. Though, the Creator hadn't thought of one thing. Free will. That would be Jekla's flaw. After being used for his pleasures a first few times, Jekla out of a lash of anger, would strike him down with one of the wooden Posters that held his bed. She would regret this action. For the first few years, Jekla had to get accustomed  to Human life, again. Bits and pieces of her old life started to form in her brain, though emotions were still bare. Jekla knew of bitterness, remorse, but happiness was yet to come. There was another thing new to her. Because of her nature of being  in both the world of the living and the world of the dead, she had acquired a sixth sense. The sixth sense was of course, the ability to talk to all things dead. That could be plants, animals, humans, and even insects. It was creepy to Jekla, scary even. She found out that if she wore gloves that communications with the deceased would stop. The leather gloves of hers became her signature accessory. Since she died as a Teen, barely over the age of 16, her mind frame was still as a teenager. Was this the reason Liviana took the youngling in to the apartments? Liviana had spied the girl walking up and down Chelsea, clearly lost. Jekla wasn't from New York, hell she wasn't from the North. Liviana gave Jekla a key to the Apartment on the 6 floor, known as 6M. 

Katherine Rathbone- Kat.. Kitty Kat. A demon of pure hate. She is one known as a "Innocent". A demon breed that died out a long long time ago. The girl was made by Diablos, of as we know it, the Devil, himself. She wanted to live forever. That was her dream, to be forever beautiful. Katherine was the most Envied girl in all of 19th Century. She had become obsessed with the thoughts of immortality, of eternal youth. A old woman, feared by many, told Kat the powers of summoning. Kat would devote all her time into summoning a demon so strong to give her wish. When the Devil came to her, she pleaded with him. Everyone knows never to converse with the Devil. Unless, you are willing to pay. Kat's price would be servitude. He'd use her to kill the humans he needed to just.. get rid of. She was a soul-eater, a grim reaper of sorts. Men and women fell under the spell of Kat. She was pure, child-like, the meaning of the Demon's name. This allowed her to maneuver past Humans with no suspicion. Soon though, the Devil found he had no more need for her. Soul stealing could be easily down by new gadgets made. He didn't take away her youth though. He simply gave her to one of his faithful children, named Deimos, aka Liviana's brother. Kat was to serve him and all his needs, which is what she did. Kat grew attached to Deimos. His wants and pleasures were carried out by her. She was his bitch. They delved with evil plans of murder. The couple was perfect together. 

I'll have the Side Character Post made tomorrow! 
*Keep On Dreaming*

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