Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Writing Scheme Take 2:A NANOWRIMO Project

Notebook, Pen, Write!

Main Characters: 

More into Katherine Rathbone(Info changed): The Devil would use her as a source of Corruption; a soul has to be corrupt to be taken by the Devil. She was responsible for serving the souls to the Devil in a silver charger. This was, also, her source of nutrition. The Curse or price was for her eternal youth, but since Kat was already a dark being as a human, she enjoyed her price. She enjoyed looking into the faces of the Humans as evil seeps into their blood, rotting their minds. Therefore, the price defeats the purpose. This is the reason she was given to Deimos.

Side Characters:

Noel Volk(Will be revisited in depth later)- He is the one heir to the Demon of the Taiga. Noel has very little said about his past, only that at a young age he was found in the snow of Siberia. His mother was said to be killed by his father after Noel was born because she was Human and he couldn't have a Mortal going about telling everyone; it would ruin the "legend".  Noel's Father was a creature that served a Goddess named Skaoi, the Goddess of Winter(Norse). The Demons of the Taiga are strongly connected to a crystal forced of the "Black Snow", the opposite of Hellfire in it's cold nature. Each Demon is given one at birth, but since Noel was a Hybrid, his father never gave him his. (Description of what the crystal does later) Year later, Noel stumbles upon Livi at a 1922 Cocktail Party when Livi and him got in a pit of a dispute. Ever since then, Noel has been by her side. He does love her; he has loved her, though he just now realizes his true feeling.

Waren(Last name to come)- A raven at first; he is the Guardian to Jekla, or at least he thinks he is. He has messy, onyx locks that hangs in his eyes, which are the color of dark chocolate. Waren is known to most as a shape shifter, though to young to have more then one form. His parents had always been there in his life and they played an important role. They taught him much of his history. When he was about 18, he was walking the streets of Miami and watched a gruesome site. A young girl, with gorgeous, blonde ringlets and sea blue eyes was being beaten. She had looked lost and confused. The men showed know sympathy as they defiled her innocence. He couldn't do much of anything. He wanted to rip their throats out, pour their corrected blood all over the city's streets. But, Waren was helpless and watched with a look of horror. After the wicked deed was done, then men would leave her lifeless, bloody body in the blood pool. Waren walked over to her, shaking, and bent down to caress her cold cheek. He had fallen in love with a dead girl. Footsteps of heavy boots hit the road, making their way to the alley. Waren didn't know what to do. So, he did the only thing he could and turned into his only form he knew, a raven. A little black feather fell onto the girl's chest, near her heart, as he'd fly to the roof. After that night, he'd follow her, rarely ever changing back. 

Stay Tuned for Deimos, Lady of Blue, and a few more Side characters.
*Keep on Dreaming*

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