Sunday, October 21, 2012

Writing Scheme Take 3: A NANOWRIMO Project

Notebook, Pen, Write!

Exposition: A Oracle, Lady of Blue who lives on the 1st floor, stops Livi before she goes to a Dinner Party. She tells Livi of a thirst of revenge by one's own blood. Livi ignores her, thinking it was meant for someone else. Then Livi sees the Raven. The bird had followed her around in her dreams and was now in her reality.

Rising Action Part 1: Jekla is roaming the streets. It had only been a few months after running from the Creator. Livi found her. There was a instant connection. Deimos sends Kat to carry out a warning. Kat kills the Raven, cutting off his head and rubs his blood over the .door. Jekla finds the dead bird, feeling sad from it's horrible ending, she wants to bury it. She wasn't wearing her gloves, so the Raven awoke, but not in animal form; he was a human(sideplot). Soon members of the Apartment appear up dead with symbols on their bodies. The symbols are of the local gang called, "Blood Trinity". The gang is ran by Deimos. Humans start to get weary, wanting a explanation. The police call it as "Gang Wars". Livi retaliates after having a meeting with the Coven's members. Noel and Warren pressure Livi into a attack on Deimos's gang(sideplot).

Wow. Reading over this, I kinda like it so far. Tomorrow, I'm hoping to finish my Falling action and resolution in my journal an start my sideplots and Chara bios. Pluuus. It's research time. Good. Old. Researching.

*Keep On Dreaming.*

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