Saturday, December 15, 2012

12/14/12: Remembrance

It is times like this when we all come together.
When the innocent die,
We all tend to huddle together.
All our differences are put to side.
Just to help soften the pain we go though.

As of yesterday, a elementary school called Sandy Hook, went under lock down. Adan Lanza, the shooter, shot 26 people, then himself. Out of the 26, 20 were children. We might never know the reason why he would do this, why any man would do this, but we do know that these parent, students, and teachers need our prayers. This horrible crime happens right before our holidays. This is suppose to be a time of joy, hope, peace. 

Here is my Prayer,

Dear those who might listen,
lend us your hands,
keep our hearts warm,
and our heads clear.
Help us not hate, but remember the children and teachers that were lost.
Let their families know they are not alone.
We are here for them.

*Keep On Dreaming*

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