Saturday, December 22, 2012


Welcome to Acrux Boarding School for Juvenile Delinquents of Atlanta. Originally, Acrux was known as the Acrux Asylum. Over the course of 22 years, 1895-1927, it served as a refugee for the mentally ill adults of the great city. 10 years after the untold horrors of the asylums had been just a thing of the past, a married couple by the name of Leah and Jon Hamilton bought the run down place. They were out caste of society and wanted to make a change for the children who were like them. They were in betweeners. Not human, not dead, but supernaturals. They were the off springs of good and evil, a positive and a negative, angel and demon. When they bought the Asylum, they didn't know much of how they would run it. They just opened it for the Disturbed Teens. At first, it seemed like a bust. Few teens really came due to scared parents, but as time went, more and more showed on court orders or last minute resorts of change. 

The Misfits: This is the broad term for all students that attend Acrux. Students are gifted in the powers of light and dark. By the time of graduation, they must choose between good and evil, to be 'angels' or to be 'demons'. The Misfits have special gifts. It's a mix of power formed between the bonding of their parents. Some can bend elements, like fire or water, some can levitate, vanish in thin air, raise the dead. It all depends on their parents powers. Most of them are at Acrux for being just bad. They can't master what they don't know.

Creepsters: A group of the students are known as the creepsters. They are truly antisocial. They keep to themselves and pretend nothing exist.Most students think they are the only true freaks at the school. What the students don't know, is they are the off springs of some of the worst demons out there. Darkness has taken them on before they even matured.(Names later)

Good/Evil Tattoo: Everyone remember Livi? You see Angels from above, like her, used to have a angel wing tattoo then it got split. Gabriel, the arch angel, knew that this would be a sign to mark the in betweeners, just like Livi. These misfits are the mix of angels/demons, but Livi was a fallen Angel who had never chosen a side. This really makes her a misfit(Buutt not for long). 

Creepsters is a book idea that I'm going to start plotting some time after the new year. It will be a side book to Blood Revenge, but it has nothing to do with it.

*Keep On Dreaming*

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