Thursday, January 24, 2013

MC Chronicle Lacrosse Article

Hey. I just wrote my article for the Third Edition of Mill Creek Chronicle. You can Read it below.

Out with the old, in with the new. This is how this year’s Varsity Boys lacrosse team will be when all of the best playing seniors are gone and the sophomores and juniors who have worked their way up the ladder move in at no time at all. We have not forgotten about all the hard work last year’s team put in, coming out with 10 and 8 over the 2012 Lacrosse season, but there is great surety that this season will be better than ever.
“We’re young, but we’re good,” said Will Peek, a senior on the Varsity boys lacrosse team at Mill Creek High School.
Majority of the freshmen and sophomores joined the Lacrosse club, known as the Gold Blackhawks, instead of trying out for the school. Last year, the Gold team came out with 24-2 fall season, 5-0 during the Derek Piper Tournament, and 14-2 at the All Fall Tournament.  
“We have a lot of good younger players coming out for the team this year.  I think they will benefit from playing with some of the older players.” said Coach Bo Adams, head coach of the boys Varsity team.
The Lacrosse team’s goals for this season are to make state playoffs and win. The players are looking forward to this season. Many of the senior players of last year have graduated, which gives room to a new team for this season.
The players who are playing this season hope to win state and the home playoffs. Some of the players will be their last year playing Lacrosse at Mill Creek High school, like Will Peek and Alex Schneider.
“We have a good chance at making playoffs this season.” said Alex Schneider, a senior lacrosse player.
Compared to last year, the lacrosse team has room to improve, just like every other team. The players’ expectations are set and determined to winning. 
Coach Adam is confident the team will be ready for this season.
“The players have been working extremely hard to get better and
Improve on the field and it would be a great accomplishment,” said Coach Adams.
They work as a true team and have their hopes high for the spring 2012 season. Keep your fingers crossed in hopes they make it to the state playoffs.

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